The Weight Room Roadmap

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Learn how to use the gym for visible results without hurting yourself along the way.

The Weight Room Roadmap will help you:

  • Get started in the gym with a weight room 101 lesson
  • See more results for every minute you spend in the gym
  • Keep your joints healthier for longer
  • Feel confident when you're in the gym
  • Start making progress this week by using a simple approach

It’s a free workout program with accompanying video course.

Perfect for the guy who has been out of the gym for a while, or is brand new to the weight room. 

Or even a guy who’s been going to the gym for some time but isn’t sure if what he’s doing is working.

Here's a simple on-ramp to get you into things.

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You'll Get:

📽️ The Weight Room Roadmap
8 Video Mini-Course
✅ The Roadmap Training Plan
A full week of workouts in my mobile app
📚 Technique Review
Get personal feedback on a video of your technique


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The Weight Room Roadmap

24 ratings
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